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Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health
Mental Health

Mental Health

Wellbeing Session - Mindfulness Practices

Sarah Gear from Mindful Stonehaven demonstrates short, simple techniques to create intentional moments throughout our days in her Power of the Pause video. In Sounds and Thoughts, Sarah goes on to describe some great ways to engage differently with our thoughts, particularly when we’re feeling very busy or overwhelmed with what’s going.

Looking after your mental wellbeing

Everyone has mental health just as they do physical health, and it is important to take time to look after it. There are many ways to look after our mental wellbeing:

  • Connect – stay in touch with friends, family and develop relationships within your community
  • Be Active – physical activity has a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing, find an activity you enjoy.
  • Take Notice – take a moment to be mindful of your surroundings or how you, your friends and colleagues are feeling
  • Learn – learn a new skill or rediscover an interest to boost confidence and self esteem
  • Give – volunteering your time to help others or simply smiling and offering a kind word can be very rewarding

Watch the five Ways to Wellbeing video to find out more:

5 Ways to Wellbeing (YouTube)

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Activities to support mental wellbeing

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