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Eating Well and Nutrition

Eating Well and Nutrition

Eating Well and Nutrition

Eating Well and Nutrition

Eating Well and Nutrition
Eating Well and Nutrition

Eating Well and Nutrition

Eating well is important to maintain good health and wellbeing. A well-balanced diet provides energy to keep active, nutrients for growth and repair, and helps to prevent diet related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. Getting the right balance ensures we get the correct nutrients to keep our immune system strong and maintain a healthy weight.

Wellbeing Session - Healthy Eating

Community Dietitians, Fabiola Solano and Sophia Robertson, give a brief presentation on the importance of choosing the right fuel for your body and keeping your body healthy.

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Information to help you eat well

Healthy Weight Grampian

Information to help people in Grampian achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle and weight: Healthy Weight Grampian

Diabetes Grampian

Information and resources to support people with diabetes to self-manage their condition, to keep healthy and maintain their wellbeing: Diabetes in Grampian

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Recipe Ideas

Rowett Institute

The Rowett Institute in Aberdeen plays a major role in UK research into nutrition and human health. They have some great resources and recipes to explore including the benefits of eating oats, barley and other wholegrains to maintain a healthy gut and heart. There is also a ‘Stovies Reloaded’ recipe book which adapts traditional Scottish recipes to make them healthier: Rowett Institute Website

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste has some great tips and ideas on how to reduce food waste through menu planning and using leftovers and store cupboard ingredients. Their Leftover Food Recipes website has some great ideas on how to turn those leftovers into a tasty meal: Leftover Food Recipes from Love Food hate Waste


A page from one of the museums recipe book: Fish for Dinner

Cookbook from the past

Look back at some recipes from the past. Our museums team have pulled out some traditional recipes from the 50's and 70's including Brain Cakes, Potted Heid and Curry of Peas: Traditional recipes from the past

A page from an old recipe book with a range of meat based dishes

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