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What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming is one of Scotland's most popular sports with water based activities having specific advantages over land based exercise.  Swimming has five key disciplines which include open water, synchronised swimming, water polo and diving.  Swimming equips children and adults with many key life skills which opens up a range of opportunities for both career and recreational use.  Continuing to develop your swimming skills in a club environment, can open up opportunities to participate in other water based sports such as canoeing, sailing, scuba diving and so much more.

Benefits of swimming

Why join a swimming club?

Swimming is a sport for life, from participation to athlete development and opportunities for the whole family to be involved together. 

Long term swim training can improve cardiorespiratory fitness and reduce long-term health conditions.

A swimming club can provide a safe and fun environment where your child can develop socially as well as enjoying the thrill of friendly competition.

How do I join a swimming club?

Most swimming clubs will run regular come and try sessions where your child can take part in a session to see if they will enjoy it and it gives the coaches a chance to see your child's current swimming skills.  This can lead to an invitation to join the club or in some circumstances there may be a waiting list.

Click on your local swimming club(s) above to find their contact details.

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