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Sport and Physical Activity FAQ

Sport and Physical Activity FAQ

Sport and Physical Activity FAQ

Sport and Physical Activity FAQ

Sport and Physical Activity FAQ
Sport and Physical Activity FAQ

Your Questions Answered

Facilities being re-opened

When will these sites re-open?

The reopening of our sites will commence once the government confirms that we can, the process will begin on 26th April 2021. Not all sites will open immediately but information can be found on our website and our social Media pages on the update to who is opening and when.

Welcome Back

Which activities will be available in the re-opened sites?

This will vary from site to site. There will be restricted availability to ensure the experience is as safe as possible for customers and staff. Media releases will inform the most up to date position.

My usual session is not on the timetable, why?

We have modernised our programmes to match across all our facilities operated by Live Life Aberdeenshire. The session that you enjoyed will still be there, however the name may have changed. To see what each session is go to the booking and click on the session name which will give you a descriptor of the session.

How do I speak to staff at my local facility?

When you call any of the Aberdeenshire Council Live Life facilities you are automatically transferred to a central number Contact Us The Staff members who answer these calls are very helpful and will help in any way they can to help you out and divert your call or pass on your messages.

What type of swimming sessions will be available?

This will vary from site to site and the type of sessions will be constantly reviewed to best meet the customer demand.  For lane swimming sessions you are booking an individual space in a shared lane session.  For family "tank" sessions you are booking a part of the pool. Each tank is priced to suit a specific group size.  Different group size tanks are on offer at each site. 

Group sizes: 

  • Single adult plus one under 6 year old
  • Small group swim (one adult plus up to 2 children). Both children need to wear swimming aids. Trainer pool or shallow end of swimming pool will be used.
  • Family (2 adults plus up to 3 children) If booking a deep family swim children require to be over the age of 8 and have the competent swim award

Please note: the number of children will depend on their age see Admission rules

Infection control measures

What arrangements to prevent cross infection will be in place?

Comprehensive risk assessments have been conducted and control measures put in place in line with Government guidance, the Council’s Health and Safety team and Industry best practice.

Some of these include screens, sanitiser, one way systems, enhanced cleaning regimes, spacing out of high traffic areas.

What are your advanced cleaning regimes?

These will be designed around the needs of individual sites with particular attention given to high touch and high traffic areas. Special chemical cleaners designed to kill the virus will be used and staff will be trained in their safe and effective application. The frequency of cleaning will be increased to a level identified in our risk assessment as necessary based on the number and activity of customers in each facility.

Do I have to wear a mask?

In line with Government guidelines masks must be worn indoors if it is not possible to maintain a 2-metre distance. We realise that most physical exercise is not possible wearing a mask, so we have ensured that the distance between customers is sufficient to not require one whilst exercising. Some sites, dependent on their lay out, will ask you to wear one whilst not exercising. We recognise that masks are not safe for everyone to wear.

Test and Protect

The Scottish Government’s Test and Protect scheme requires us to keep contact details of all our customers along with the sessions they attended. For most this information will be gathered through the online booking process. If you are booking on behalf of a group you will be responsible for providing their contact details to the Test and Protect team if asked. The Group would need to have a COVID OFFICER.

Customers are responsible for following the most current guidance with regards to the mixing of households indoors

How can I access the building?

The front door may be kept locked to control admission. If you have booked, then staff will open the door for you. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class/activity begins and try not to be late and please do not expect early admission.

You can watch our short video with details what to expect when you visit us here: What to expect when visiting our facilities (YouTube)

Changing and Toilet facilities

Which changing and toilet facilities will be available?

In most of our sites the toilet facilities are reduced to allow for safe distancing. The usual changing facilities may not be available, and customers are asked to come ready dressed for their session.

Customers may be asked to take their clothes and belongings into the sports hall or our pool customers are asked to leave their belongings in the changing room as lockers are not available to use.

If you are taking part in an outdoor only session, then the toilet and changing facilities will not be available to you.

Toilets will not be available to spectators or other non-users.

Where are the nearest public toilets?

Full details of the public toilets available in each area can be found here: Where to find public toilets 

Where can I store my clothes and valuables?

In order to reduce the risk of transmission from high touch areas, lockers may not be available and you may be asked to take your clothes and belongings into the sports hall or left in the changing room at the pool.

You are strongly encouraged not to take valuables with you as their security cannot be guaranteed.

Booking and payment

Why we ask you to book online if possible

Booking online is safer and more convenient for several reasons:

  • It reduces the cross-infection possibilities from cash and paperwork handling
  • It allows us to monitor numbers and avoids disappointment if customers simply turn up to a session that has already reached its maximum capacity
  • It allows us to ask for and store the details we need in order to comply with the Test and Protect system

How do I book online?

If you have used our online booking process pre the Covid closure you will already have a log in name and PIN which you can use to access the system.

If you do not already have this then you can register as a new user which involves registering your details with us. On doing this you will receive a log in name and PIN for your future use. The following link will take you to relevant page on the website: Sport and Physical Activity Booking

What if I cannot book online?

If you are absolutely unable to book online please Contact Us and staff will make your booking for you, you may also be able to pay – by card only – on site when you arrive.

Do I have to pay online or can I pay on site?

At this time, we are asking that all payments are made online wherever possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accept telephone or cash payments, but card payments can be made on site if absolutely necessary.


I have forgotten my login and/or PIN – what should I do?

Not a problem this can be resent automatically. PIN reminders can be sent to you directly online by using the forgotten my pin/password function. If you are still having problems getting your member ID or PIN, please Contact Us and they will be able to get you set up. You can access your PIN or ID here: Forgotten PIN or ID

Can I just turn up and take part?

Whilst we prefer that customers book in advance, you may also turn up and a receive last minute admission only if a place is available. But please note that there may not be staff on hand to admit you to the building if they are not expecting you.

Booking and payment will still have to be done online by you or on your behalf by a member of staff if available.

How do I register as a concession?

Details on what makes you eligible for the low income concession is here: Eligibility for concession

You will need to email us on active@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or call 01467 530777 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) to make arrangements.

I have bought a Pass but it won’t let me book a session?

You cannot make a booking for a session until your pass is live. For eg if you chose to make it live on 14th of the following month then you cannot start booking sessions until that date.

The system can’t find my address?

In some cases, you may need to enter your address manually if the system cannot find it from your postcode.

I can’t make a booking for the gym, why are all time slots showing as unavailable?

All customers wishing to use our fitness rooms must complete an induction, which covers safe set up and use of equipment. Your account will be updated when you have had an induction, and this lasts for 5 years.

If your induction has expired all time slots for the gym on the online booking system will show as unavailable. We can fix this onsite for you – just give us a ring to extend the expiry date. This will allow you to continue making bookings online.

Customer numbers

How many people can come as a group?

We will closely monitor the guidance from the Scottish Government with regard to the limits on households indoor and outdoor and the need for social distancing. This advice may develop and change as time goes on.

Are the adult to child ratios the same in the pool?

Yes the adult to child ratio are unchanged. You can find more information here: Rules and admission policy

How many people will be allowed in the weights room at once?

This will vary but we are assuming a space of 9 square metres per person to allow for freedom of movement and safe distancing.

Ancillary facilities

Can I hire equipment?

We will provide large items such as goals and nets but smaller items will not be available for hire and customers should bring their own balls, racquets etc.

Will there be any catering facilities open?

No catering facilities: cafes, vending machines or water dispensers, will be available. Customers are encouraged to bring their own refreshments.

Can I spectate?

We would strongly discourage spectating unless absolutely necessary for the supervision of a young or vulnerable person. Seating may not be available for spectators and usual spectator areas may be closed.

Prices and memberships

When will my membership be unfrozen?

There are currently no plans to unfreeze memberships when sites reopen. We are examining our future membership scheme options. In the meantime all admission will be pay as you go. Multi visit tickets and special offers on some items will be available.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership you can do so by emailing active@aberdeenshire.gov.uk However, whilst your membership is frozen, no funds will be taken and we will give you plenty notice in writing of any intention to restart taking direct debit payments for memberships.

I am a direct debit member, do I have to pay per session?

Yes, for now all sessions will be pay as you go. Multi visit tickets will be available for some items but no direct debit membership payments will be taken.

Why do I have to pay per session?

Whilst we are operating under the health and safety controls to manage the risk of infection, we are not able to offer our full range of facilities and activities so cannot guarantee the same considerable value for money that direct debit memberships were previously.

What are the charges?

The charges are as they were for pay as you go items prior to the Covid closure. These are agreed annually by Aberdeenshire Council and can be found on the website.

Block bookings (regular lets)

When can my regular let resume?

We are adopting a phased approach to the resumption of lets to clubs and groups who normally have regular, or block, bookings.

When your type of let is allowed you may find that the times are more restricted than previously and this may remain the case until we can get back to a full reopening of all of our facilities.

The types of lets which will be allowed to resume have been prioritised with, for example, Childcare lets (that facilitate parents going to work) being first. Followed by outdoor lets with lets to other types of groups following.

We cannot be exact about the timescale for each type of let to resume but the group contact will be kept up to date with progress.

At this stage we will not be accepting any new lets or extensions to existing lets.

How do I apply for a new regular let?

You should speak to the manager of the facility in question but please be aware that it may be some considerable time before new lets can be considered.

Why can’t my regular let resume?

Until we can re-open all our facilities in full there will be considerable pressure on hall and pool space and difficult decisions have to be taken over which groups are considered priorities for lets.

In some cases the type of activity will have a bearing on the let being resumed because of Covid restrictions insisted on either by the Scottish Government, the National Governing Body of the sport or by the physical restrictions of a facility.

Which types of regular lets are allowed?

The first priority are groups who provide childcare which allows parents to go back to work. Following this are groups or activities which can take place outdoors. Then regular facility using community groups.

The group activity must be able to run in accordance with the risk assessments for the facility and the particular activity.

New lets and services will not be considered at this stage.


How can I ensure I find out about any changes in my local facility?

We will post updates on our Social Media pages and our website as soon as they are available.

You can also phone the sites although please be aware that staff may not be able to man the phones as often as previously.


What staff will there be on site for me to speak to?

Our sites may be operating on reduced staffing and so there may not always be someone at reception to answer your immediate queries. Staff will always be available in an emergency but otherwise you may have to wait a little longer than usual for an answer to your queries.

Who am I speaking to when I phone the site telephone number?

In order to free up as many staff as possible to carry out the essential extra cleaning at sites, we have diverted all our site phones to a central helpline staffed by experienced admin staff.  SPA Call Handling 01467 532929. They will be able to answer most of your queries first-hand but on occasion may ask for your contact details so that a member of site staff can call you back as soon as they can.

The helpline is staffed from Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm. Sat 9am to 2pm. Sun closed. You can call it direct on 01467 532929

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