Peterhead Volunteer completes VIP Course

Lauren first got involved with Active School in November 2016. 

As a keen hockey player herself, she wanted to get involved in helping with the Active Schools hockey sessions in Peterhead. 

Lauren has since gained valuable experience working alongside several different coaches, helping with several different sports and across different settings with Active Schools. 

Lauren has covered sessions ranging from helping with cluster clubs, individual school clubs, holiday programmes and even school health weeks. 

Despite being busy with school work and now college work as well as holding down a part-time job, Lauren has volunteered over 125 hours working with Active Schools.

As part of Lauren's development, she was encouraged to apply for the Scottish Football Association’s (SFA), Volunteer and Inspire Project (VIP).

The VIP recruits young people aged between 16 and 24 from schools, community groups, clubs and existing youth development projects and places the participants in an individually developed learning pathway.

This includes attending coaching courses, improving administration skills, learning about use of social media, fundraising, physiotherapy and governance skills. 

Each programme is planned over the course of 12 months and is based on the skill sets and interests of participants.

After 12 months, each volunteer will have achieved qualifications relative to their desired pathway, gaining practical work experience and engaging in activities in the community which will enable them to share their new skills and knowledge with others.

So far Lauren has gained certificates for: 

  • Completing the ‘volunteer and inspire programme’
  • Completing ETC module 6 goal setting
  • Completing ETC module 3 planning effective physical activity programmes
  • Completing the module goal setting
  • Completing an Education through cashback training module

And before June will hopefully complete and gain certification Level 1.1 Early Touches.

Working with Active Schools has help Lauren build her confidence.  Working in different settings, working with people of all ages, has allowed her communication skills develop and improve.

Lauren has seen volunteering with Active Schools as great for her CV and wants to use the experiences gained to help her achieve her goal of becoming a sports physiotherapist.

If you are inspired to get involved then get in touch with your local coordinator or email Active Schools

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