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Garioch Gymnasts Regional Grades 6 and 5

Regional Grades 6 and 5

Bells Sports Centre, Perth

It was a very busy and successful weekend for Garioch Gymnastics glitter girls at the Regional Grades in Perth last weekend.

Garioch Gymnastics Club entered 11 gymnasts into the Club Grade 6 & 5 Grading event and ALL of them passed their grade with DISTINCTION. 

Grades are primarily a Pass/Fail event with sets skill son each piece of apparatus and a testing Range & Conditioning set to show strength, flexibility and control.

Grade 6 – in age

Megan Clark = Pass with Distinction, 5th Overall, BRONZE Vault, 6th Range & Conditioning

Tala Wilson = Pass with Distinction

Lily-Kate Laing = Pass with Distinction

Grade 5 – in age

Maisie Moreton = Pass with Distinction, BRONZE Vault, BRONZE Floor, 4th Beam

Analeigha Lawrence = Pass with Distinction

Abbie Sim = Pass with Distinction

Alexa Davidson = Pass with Distinction, 6th Range & Conditioning

Grade 6 – out of age

Annie Rodger = Pass with Distinction, GOLD Overall, SILVER Vault, SILVER Range & Conditioning, BRONZE Bars, 4th Beam

Miya Ritchie = Pass with Distinction, SILVER Overall, GOLD Beam, GOLD Floor, 4th Vault, 6th Range & Conditioning

Livvy Batho = Pass with Distinction, BRONZE Range & Conditioning, 6th Vault

Grade 5 – Out of age

Lily MacDonald = Pass with Distinction, GOLD Overall, GOLD beam, BRONZE Vault, BRONZE Floor, 4th Bars & 5th Range & Conditioning


Garioch would just like to say well done to all the girls who competed, you looked fantastic.

Also well done to the coaches who prepared you so well, we all share in their pride. 

Awesome job Team Garioch!

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