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Readers On The Run

The Challenge

Readers on the Run is a new summer challenge open to all new S2 and S3 pupils in Aboyne Academy. Over 200 pupils have signed up to complete one of 6 reading races over the summer holiday. Races range from The Triathlon where pupils have to read three books throughout the summer, and The Marathon where pupils have 26 reading challenges to complete. 

Get set...go!!

The challenge was launched during physical health week in the school, and with help from our colleagues in sports and leisure, we borrowed two spin bikes which allowed us to host an exciting reading/racing activity for pupils.

All S2/S3 pupils visited the library with their English teachers and were introduced to Readers on the Run. They were then encouraged to check out the different races and sign up for their chosen challenge. For fun the pupils were challenged to cycle as fast as they could on the bikes, whilst reading aloud…this is much more difficult than you would imagine!




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