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Precious Things, Precious Stories

Library staff visited the Garioch Heritage Centre on Friday 3rd May 2019 to meet with the resident reminiscence group as some of their members had brought along a selection of their precious things to be 3D scanned and photographed. Some of them can be seen in this film. 

Live Life Aberdeenshire have a project called Precious Things Precious Stories which aims to capture the oral history of Aberdeenshire through the objects, letters, photos and documents that people treasure, and the stories behind them.


What can I bring?

We are looking for everyday objects which make this project unique and we want to show that these objects and stories are vital to our shared cultural experience in Aberdeenshire.  By digitising, preserving, and providing a platform to share them, we want to support people to value and take pride in their own personal histories, and in the communities in which they live.

Library staff have a series of digitisation events planned where they will provide an opportunity for objects to be preserved forever in a high-quality digital form. 



How do I get involved?

You will be able to book a slot to come with their artefact to get 3D/2D scanned or photographed and to record their story on the following days and locations:

14th May – Garioch Heritage Society  Book Now

21st May – Peterhead Library  Book Now

1st June – Huntly Library  Book Now

The items which are scanned will be curated on a website called Sketch Fab which hosts 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for cultural organisations and each individual contributor will be sent a digital copy of their item. 


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