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Jane Whyte Exhibition

An exhibition dedicated to the life of Jane Whyte, a North East woman who saved the life of 15 men from a ship that had ran aground, has begun in the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh.


The story of Jane Whyte

Jane Whyte lived beside Aberdour Bay and on the morning of 28th October 1884 she saw the steamer the William Hope run ashore in storm conditions. She left her 9 children at home and bravely waded into the sea to save the crew. She tied a rope round her waist creating a tether along which the 15 men crawled along to safety. For her actions Jane received the RNLI Silver Medal for Gallantry along with the Board of Trade’s Bronze Gallantry Medal.

The Exhibition

As part of the exhibition, which runs until July 2020, the Museum has included information on the RNLI in Fraserburgh and shipwrecks around the NE coast. While looking for exhibits the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses approached the Library Service to ask whether they could borrow one of the Webster paintings on display in Fraserburgh Library. The library has a collection of paintings by a local artist Alexander Webster c. 1841-1913, depicting the local area, one of which features the shipwreck of The Veteran. This painting is now part of the exhibition alongside the ships bell which has been in St Andrews School, Fraserburgh for over 100 year!

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