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Garioch Glitterball Sunday 30th June 2019

Garioch Gymnastics Club held their 6th Invitational Garioch Glitterball competition on Sunday 30th June 2019.  

Over 300 gymnasts took part at the event held at the Garioch Community Centre  in Inverurie.  It involved our own Glitter Girls as well as gymnasts from Banchory, Beacon, Donside, Alvah, Forres, Orkney, Active Elgin, Gymtastix, Fyrish, Stonehaven and Tyock.

Overall winners went home with beautiful twinkly tiaras and crowned the Queens & Princesses of the Glitterball as well as medals & ribbons.

67 gymnasts took part from Garioch Gymnastic sand between them they won an awesome 125 ribbons, medals & tiaras.  That’s truly impressive!

Full results are listed below


GOLD (Team Aurora) Skye Davidson, Liv McNally, Ava-Beau Norris, Izzy Mackie & Lulu Stephens

SILVER (Team Nala) Heidi Mottershead, Amelia Muir, Jovanna Ossai, Maisie Whyte & Andrea Wood
5th (Team Tiana) Eva Cook, Niamh Gordon, Molly Jones, Elle McMilllan & Loen Will

Izzy Mackie – GOLD Overall, BRONZE Floor, GOLD Vault

Skye Davidson – SILVER Overall, SILVER Floor, SILVER Vault

Ava-Beau Norris – BRONZE Overall, GOLD Floor

Lulu Stephens – BRONZE Vault

Liv McNally – 4th Overall

Andrea Wood & Heidi Mottershead – 6th Overall



GOLD (Team Ariel) Ella Duthie, Sophia Gall, Amy Killicoat & Katie Torrance

13th (Team Tiana) Sophie Kane, Abi Mitchell & Shannon Park

Sophia Gall – GOLD Overall, GOLD Floor, SILVER Vault

Amy Killicoat – SILVER Floor, BRONZE Overall

Ella Duthie – 6th Overall



BRONZE (Team Rapunzel) Lily Chaplin, Hannah Lawford, Lyla McNally & Isla McRae

Hannah Lawford – GOLD Overall, GOLD Vault



GOLD (Team Cinderella) Kyah Campbell-Smith, Kennedy Moir, Sophie Carmalt, Molly Cook & Anna Gordon

Kennedy Moir – GOLD Overall, GOLD Vault

Sophie Carmalt – 4th Overall

Anna Gordon – 5th Overall, SILVER Floor

Kyah Campbell-Smith – 5th Overall, BRONZE Vault


GOLD (Team Elsa) Bella Larmour, Poppy Larmour, Abigail Tobing & Layla Taylor

SILVER (Team Moana) Rachael Askew, Nevaeh Jamieson, Yasmin Barclay & Olivia Reid

Poppy Larmour – GOLD Overall, GOLD Floor

Abigail Tobing – BRONZE Overall, SILVER Floor

Layla Taylor – 5th Overall, BRONZE Floor

Olivia Reid – 6th Overall, BRONZE Vault


SILVER (Team Belle) Millie Cavanagh, Jodie Chapman, Anna Payet & Isabella Peacock

BRONZE (Team Elena) Mia Cosgrove, Sadie West & Dini Wilson

Anna Payet – GOLD Overall, SILVER Floor

Isabella Peacock – 4th Overall, SILVER Vault

Sadie West & Jodie Chapman – 5th Overall

Mia Cosgrove – 6th Overall, BRONZE Vault



GOLD (Team Rapunzel) Annie Anderson, Lily Black, Anya Bramwell, Andrea Jaramillo & Anna Fleming

SILVER (Team Mulan) Thelma Florentsdottir, Erin Stuart, Mathilda Ripley, Reegan Robson & Tallis Robson

5th (Team Sophia) Boudicca Farrel, Ruby Fraser, Evie MacDonald & Hannah Price

Annie Anderson – GOLD Overall, GOLD Vault, GOLD Floor

Andrea Jaramillo – BRONZE Overall, SILVER Vault

Erin Stuart – BRONZE Overall, BRONZE Floor

Thelma Florentsdottir – 4th Overall, BRONZE Vault

Hannah Price – SILVER Floor

Anya Bramwell – BRONZE Vault

Tallis Robson – BRONZE Floor



SILVER (Team Jasmine) Charlotte Allan, Gemma Krasjuk, Molly Sinclair & Kaycee Massie

Molly Sinclair – SILVER Overall, SILVER Vault

Gemma Krasjuk – BRONZE Overall, SILVER Floor, BRONZE Vault

Charlotte Allan – 4th Overall, BRONZE Floor, BRONZE Vault

Kaycee Massie – 6th Overall



GOLD (Team Ariel) Amy Duncan, Camilla Florentsdottir, & Eve Fraser

Camilla Florentsdottir – GOLD Overall, GOLD Floor, SILVER Vault

Amy Duncan – SILVER Overall, SILVER Floor, BRONZE Vault

Eve Fraser – 4th Overall, BRONZE Floor

Garioch Gymnastics Club want to say a massive Thank You to the visiting clubs for coming along and also our parent committee.  A huge amount of effort went into the planning and running of the event from our volunteer Parent Committee and we are extremely grateful to them and their team of volunteers, including some of our gymnasts who were not competing.  The day was a huge success thanks to them and our coaches, who as usual, put in that extra bit of effort to ensure the gymnasts

Garioch Gymnastics Club will be running summer camps for Beginners, Novice & Performance gymnasts all of which are open to non–club members.  For more information and for a booking form please contact Elaine Murray on 01467 532922.

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