Five Fun Facts

• Aberdeenshire Libraries provides a service for 36 branches, 17 Academies, 3 mobiles and the Smallest Branch which holds a maximum of 180 books. In 2018/2019 we had 2,008,834 visits to our library buildings!!!

• The Guinness Book of Records is a record breaker in itself. It is the most frequent stolen book from libraries!!!

• We are a diverse bunch here at Library HQ. Some of our previous jobs include a Playground Assistant, which comes in handy here at times, a policeman, Kitchen Porter and a TV star for a Channel 4 programme called Scotscapes which involved dressing up as Bonnie Prince Charlie and being chased through a field of Ostriches. One member of staff was nearly on Living & Growing – the mind boggles!

• Crunching Numbers……Did you know that Freegal (our free digital music service) currently has approximately 13 million songs available.

• The most borrowed title over the last 4 years is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone with 1,422 issues.

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