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Dr Who: The Runaway - Virtual Reality Experience

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Dr Who and the TARDIS have been spotted in Aberdeenshire!

Library users in Fraserburgh, Meldrum, Stonehaven and Westhill were surprised to have a visit from Dr Who and a runaway alien from 24th to 29th May.  The BBC organised a pilot programme to bring Virtual Reality to libraries across the country and nearly 150 people were able to take part.  Participants were transported to the different universe using Oculus Go headsets to see if the little runaway could be reunited with his parents.  Jodie Whittaker, the 13th incarnation of the Doctor provided the voice over for the animation which transported library users to another virtual world.  

The headsets will be back in Aberdeenshire from 24th - 27th June to show Berlin Blitz.

Berlin Blitz Virtual Reality Experience

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