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Children’s Writing Workshop with Author Alex McCall

Huntly Library was delighted to welcome Alex McCall, whose first book Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens', won the Scottish Children's Book award in 2015.

The schools had gone back and the Summer Reading Challenge had come to an end but seven young budding novelists came along to the workshop where they where excited to have the opportunity to work with the prize-winning author.

The Workshop

Alex had a very inclusive approach and it wasn't long before the children were enthusiastically discussing their hobbies, what they liked to read and sharing their thoughts on different books. Alex encouraged the children to explore imaginative ideas, empathy, planning a story, descriptive narrative etc all of which provide the building blocks to a good story.

It was fantastic to see so many boys at the workshop and they all worked together to come up with some amazing ideas. During the second part of the workshop, Alex was on hand to support the children as they began to write out their story ideas.


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