ASN Swim lessons Turriff

A week of intensive swimming lessons tailored for children with Additional Support Needs (ASN) was held as part of a pilot project at Turriff Swimming Pool during the first week of the summer holidays.

The programme was supported and paid for by external funds accessed by Live Life Aberdeenshire’s Active Schools Disability and Inclusion Team. 

Spaces in the sessions, which ran from Monday 8th to Friday 12th July, were free and all participants also received a pass for 12 swims, allowing them to build on the skills they learned throughout the following weeks and months. Each child also received a medal and a personalised card from the swimming instructors.  Parents were welcomed along to enjoy the sessions with their children.

Live Life Aberdeenshire recognises that swimming is a very important life skill for all children and is committed to making swimming instruction accessible to all.  These sessions were a great learning opportunity for LLA as well as the families who participated.  The feedback received from the families involved in these lessons was excellent. 

It is hoped to offer this opportunity more widely across Aberdeenshire in the future.

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