Wellbeing Festival 2020

Wellbeing Festival

Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, the Aberdeenshire Wellbeing Festival aims to promote the importance of wellbeing for all. The theme during this years virtual festival is kindness. Being kind is not only good for you but is good for others and also supports our overall wellbeing. Download the Coping Calendar to find some great tips and ideas on how we can all look after ourselves and each other.

Wellbeing Family Fun

Mindful Fish Trail

We hope you have been looking after yourselves. With all that has been going on it’s important to take time out for yourself and recharge. Here at the aquarium we have made a mindful fish trail so download our fish trail and head over to our Macduff Marine Aquarium website. We hope it helps you sea yourself in a new light, combats any shellfish traits and buoys your spirit!

Walking Month

We have created some interesting ways to encourage your kids to get out walking. From looking out for objects on a scavenger hunt to placing kindness rocks around your town, we have some great ideas to make walking more interesting and fun. Walking Month Activities

Join our Library Assistant, Bookbug Ali, for a round of rhymes, songs and a special story too about a very Thankful Witch!


Head over to our Live Lounge where we have lots of Bookbug sessions for you to enjoy.

Walking with Children

We have created some interesting ways to encourage your kids to get out walking. From looking out for objects on a scavenger hunt to placing kindness rocks around your town, we have some great ideas to make walking more interesting and fun. Walking Month Activities


Sometimes we all need a little reminder to take more notice of our thoughts, feelings and the world around us. Finding ways to be aware of the present moment can really improve your mental wellbeing.

Martin Stepek

We are delighted to welcome back Scottish mindfulness practitioner, author and Sunday Herald columnist Martin Stepek to our Wellbeing programme. This year, as Martin cannot be with us in person, he has recorded a series of four talks including guided mindfulness sessions which we will release each day this week, starting on Monday 18th May through to Thursday 21st May.  Sit back, listen and relax each day as Martin talks about mindfulness, and how you can integrate this into your daily life to improve the quality of your overall health and wellbeing.

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety with Mindfulness, with Martin Stepek.

Guided meditation and talk with Martin Stepek on 'Dealing with Isolation'.

  • Join mindfulness expert, Martin Stepek on day one in our series of guided mindfulness sessions - An Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Join Martin Stepek for his second installment where he provides an 'Expert Guide to Deep Meditation' - Deep Meditation
Isha Kria: Guided Meditation

Pushp Vaid, a local yoga instructor, who was scheduled to deliver a session in Westhill library as part of the Wellbeing Festival has also kindly recommended the meditation practice he follows - Isha Kriya: A free Guided Meditation

Mindful Walking

Dunnottar Woods with Sarah Gear

Mindfulness is all about increasing your awareness and paying more attention to the things that matter to you. Mindful walking is a great way to exercise our bodies and our minds whilst enjoying Aberdeenshire's beautiful open spaces.

Sarah Gear, a qualified Mindfulness teacher and founder of Mindful Stonehaven, a community enterprise aimed at supporting wellbeing through mindfulness, has recorded a mindful walk in the beautiful Dunnottar Woods for us all to enjoy.

Visit our Walking Month web page and enjoy some other virtual walks around our local area.

Mind to Walk with Edith Bowman

Our colleagues over at Paths for All have created a new podcast narrated by radio DJ and TV presenter Edith Bowman. The ‘Mind to Walk’ talks you through a walk that will relax your mind as you move your feet. Being in the moment and connecting to your natural surroundings can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Give it a go on your next walk. Mind to Walk with Edith Bowman

Walking with Mindfulness

Colette Savage, a lecturer in Mindfulness from University of Aberdeen discusses mindful walking and how her daily walks have changed from purpose and efficiency to walking with mindfulness, radically altering her view and experience of walking, reducing stress and bringing a reality check to her life. Read more from Colette: Mindful Walking

Playlist for Life

You may have heard of the Power of Love but did you know about the power of music?  Music can unlock memories for all of us and can have a very powerful effect on someone who has dementia. Playlist for Life encourage all of us to create a playlist of music that is meaningful and reminds us of our younger day regardless of our health or age.

Do you hear an advert and are transported back to your childhood or a piece of music that reminds you of a special time in your life?  Research has shown that we have a memory hump from the age of 10 to 30 and the music we listened to at this age can have a profound effect on us. These case studies have shown the power music can have. Playlist for life have published the Top 100 songs from the last 100 years during this time to allow you to play music detective with a relative or friend to create their personal playlist or even your own. The BBC have created a finding tool to help you too.


Live Life Aberdeenshire Library members can access a wide range of Mindfulness albums to help you relax and support positive mental health. Until the end of September Freegal have increased their streaming to 24 hours a day and you can make 5 downloads a week too. Find our more about our Digital Library

Access Freegal

Press Play and Pause Life: Podcasts and Theatre

If you haven't accessed a podcast or audio theatre show before, here is a small sample to get you started. Here you'll find a combination of interviews, chat, words of wisdom and comedy to help us maintain our overall wellbeing.

  • Right Lines Theatre Co.- Morrison's Van: A gentle comedy murder-mystery based around an old fashioned delivery van still active in the NE and Highlands, its staff and their clientele. Described as “Open all hours” meets “Convoy”. This is an audio series available on Vimeo and provides a lovely reminder of how tolerance, kindness and feisty individuals are the beating heart of our communities.
  • Not Perfect Podcast with Poppy Jamie
  • Untangle - Mindfulness for the Curious
  • Liz Earl Wellbeing Show

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