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How To Resource Cards

How To Resource Cards

How To Resource Cards

How To Resource Cards

How To Resource Cards
How To Resource Cards

'How To' Activity Guides

Make Your Own Craft Materials

Make alternative craft materials using items you may already have at home in your craft box or kitchen cupboards.

Map Making

An example of our nature discovery map

Nature Discovery Map

From small nooks and crannies to wide open spaces, head outdoors and discover your local area in a creative way. Inspired by the map in 'The House at Pooh Corner' this map making activity is suitable for both children and adults.

Nature Discovery Map

an example of a topographical map

Topographical Map

A typographical map uses words and the shapes of letters instead. They are a great way to learn new words and get creative at the same time.

Topographical Map

An example of a fantasy map

Fantasy Maps

Why not let your imagination run wild and make your own fabulous fantasy map. We'll show you how.

Fantasy Island Map

an example of a mixed media map

Mixed Media Memory Map

Most of us have photos and objects that remind us of our past and how we feel about key points in our lives. Mixed media or collage is a fun way to combine those things into a meaningful, personal artwork. We show you how....

Mixed Media Memory Map

Get Creative with the Farming Museum team at Aden

a person cutting out some paper

Parachute Making

Make your own toy parachute using recycled materials.

Download: Make a Parachute (PDF)

Homemade Butter

Butter Making

Make your own butter with this handy guide.

Download: Butter Making (PDF)

Grow some cress to make it look like hair

Cress Head

Learn how to grow cress to make it look like hair!

Download: Cress Head (PDF)

Home made bunting

Bunting Making

Make your own bunting using recycled materials.

Download: Celebration Bunting (PDF)

Making cord at home

Cord Making

Create your own cord using recycled materials.

Download: Cord Making (PDF)

An example of hieroglyphic

Wander Through Time

Go on an adventure with Bubastis the cat.

Download: Wander Through Time (PDF) (Answers PDF)

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