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Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor Inspiration
Outdoor Inspiration

Bringing the Outdoors In

Even though we may not be able to get out and about as much as we would like to, there are lots of activities we can do from our homes and local area to keep ourselves active. Take some inspiration from the ideas below and bring the outdoors in.

Virtual Walks around Aberdeenshire

We want to encourage you to stay fit and motivated while spending extended periods at home. To provide a safe and effective way for you to walk at home, we have filmed a series of walks in familiar areas across Aberdeenshire for you to watch while you March on the Spot.

Virtual Walks around Aberdeenshire (YouTube)

How to March on the Spot

You might like to join our virtual walks by walking on the spot, hopping on a treadmill or exercise bike or simply sitting back and enjoying the scenery. You can do this exercise seated or standing.

If seated - sit upright, in a firm straight backed armless chair

If standing - stand upright, legs slightly apart.  Use a supporting surface at waist height if required.

Lift alternate knees towards the chest, swing arms with opposite leg as you do this.  Keep as upright as you can.

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Try Something New

Exercise your body and your mind with our introduction to orienteering. Why not build your skills by starting in your garden? We show you how:

Get Started: Orienteering

Keep your child entertained while out walking

Activities to Make Walking More Fun for Children

We have created some interesting ways to encourage your kids to get out walking and make it more interesting.

Walking with children

Walking is good for your overall wellbeing

Walking for Wellbeing

Seven tips for seven days:

  • Look for wildlife and flowers. Notice the new buds on trees and signs of summer
  • Listen to uplifting podcasts, music or audiobooks
  • Talk while you walk. Call a friend or family on your mobile phone
  • Take a walk with nature. Find somewhere quiet away from the hustle and bustle of man made objects and machines
  • Listen out for sounds and try to identify what you hear
  • Stop and chat with others or simply say 'Hello!'
  • Take a note of the smells on your favourite local walk. Can you identify what they are?

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