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Macduff Marine Aquarium on Facebook Live!

Join the aquarium for another Facebook live session on Thursday, 9th July at 2pm when they take a look inside, with a shark dissection!

Join the aquarium on Facebook

Bookbug @ Home

Join our library staff and take part in our online Bookbug sessions. Join us as we share some of our favourite Bookbug songs and rhymes along with some of Bookbug's favourite stories.

We even show you how to make some great props so you can join in!

YouTube: Bookbug @ Home

Watch and Learn

Macduff Marine Aquarium

Take time out and watch our mesmerising jelly fish drift around the tank or meet out little sea ponies in our spiny seahorse nursery. We have a great range of entertaining and educational videos.

Macduff Marine Aquarium YouTube 

We also have some fantastic activities and experiments to keep you busy : Sea and Do with Macduff Marine Aquarium

Join In and Take Part

Join the Dive Show!

Are you missing taking part in our aquarium weekend dive shows?
Have no fear! Our clever divers have come up with a solution for you…....

Just send us a selfie or self portrait and we will film the divers posing with you next time they are in the tank!
Please scan or send photos to or share them via social media by using the hashtag #LiveLifeAberdeenshire on Twitter or by tagging @LiveLifeAberdeenshire on Facebook and we will do the rest!

VE Day Book

Contribute to a unique and commemorative Aberdeenshire E-Book. We are creating an electronic book from photos, stories, artefacts, poems.......we want to capture your memories of V.E. Day 1945. Find out more about our VE Day E-Book project.

You can also browse our selection of photographs from Aberdeenshire during World War 2. From Banff to Stonehaven, and places in between, there are some amazing images captured on camera. Exhibition of WW2 photographs

Soundmap: People & Place

Explore Banff, Ladysbridge, New Byth, Sandhaven and Rosehearty in a new way: whether you know these places well, or have always wanted to visit, you can explore them using an online map where the landmarks are sounds. Created by two artists, Pete Stollery and Bryan Angus, inspired by the places and the people they met in the towns. You might be looking for relaxing nature sounds – the sea, woodpeckers in the woods or pink footed geese passing over-head, or maybe what you really want to hear is the noises you are missing now we are in lockdown – a rowdy school playground, busy bustle on Banff High Street or the fish tank inside Rosehearty School. Visit the page now to get started: Soundmap

Interactive Learning

Peterhead's Arbuthnot Museum

This is a fantastic opportunity to visit a museum from the comfort of your own home! This interactive tour and will excite and educate in equal measure. 

Take a tour, from your own sofa, of Peterhead’s Arbuthnot Museum. 

Start the tour here!

George MacDonald Story

Local writer, George MacDonald: The forgotten father of fantasy fiction. Without him there may have been no Wonderland, no Narnia and no Middle Earth. A substantial and important collection of his writings, the majority in manuscript and many showing significant differences from the published version, was gifted to the Huntly Library. The original manuscript items from the collection are located at Aberdeenshire Museums, Mintlaw, where they may be consulted by appointment.

Live Life Aberdeenshire has created a digital canvas on the Huntly author as part of the BBC’s “Novels that shaped our world” project. View the George MacDonald Digital Canvas

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