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Technology in Libraries

Technology in Libraries

Technology in Libraries

Technology in Libraries

Technology in Libraries
Technology in Libraries

We Love Technology!

The world of technology is fast paced and forever moving forward and that’s exactly how we like to operate in the libraries. We love technology and are committed to delivering new hardware and services to all our library members. We would like to show you some of the new technology to be found in your library and how you can get access to it. Remember, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to be able to experience any of this new kit as we have plenty of knowledgeable, helpful staff ready and waiting to assist you.

Slideshow of images showing a 3D scanner

3D Scanning

3D scanning uses real-world objects or environments to collect data and construct digital 3D models. We have taken delivery of a brand new, state of the art 3D scanner and are really excited about its possibilities. The scanner can capture 3D images of objects that have a story associated to them as part of our “Something Precious“ project due to launch early 2019. You may have ideas of your own about how you might want to use the 3D scanner. Boardgamers can scan themselves to create a gaming figure – a wee replicant version of themself! Or you might want to scan an object and place a virtual version of it on your website. Whatever your project or idea, we can help you realise that vision. If you want to learn more about 3D Scanning just contact the Digital Development team to discuss your idea.

A PC monitor, keyboard and mouse

Public Access PCs

We are delighted to say we have upgraded most of the hardware in each of our libraries in the last 12 months. Subsequently we now have some great 24-inch touch screen PCs running Windows 10, as well as a wide range of Microsoft Office apps and tools. Much faster than the previous version of the Peoples Network but still providing library members access to the internet, printing and scanning, as well as new features like 3D model and photo editing.  You can book a session on a PC to guarantee access or turn up at any of our branches to use one of the PCs if available. You will need your library borrower number and PIN to login and can use computer for up to 2 hours in one sitting. Library staff can extend that session if required but only if no other members are waiting to use it.  So why not work, study or just browse the web at your local library?

Slideshow of images showing 3D printing

3D Printing

We have been 3D printing in libraries for over two years but we are taking the next step forward in this field by obtaining a COLOUR 3D printer along with some newer mono 3D printers. We want to make sure we have plenty hardware available for those who wish to use it.

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