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Get your daily newspaper, borrow books, stream music all for free from your home. Everything you need to know about our Digital Library can be found here.

Digital Library @ Home

You can browse all of the digital resources but if you want to get access to them you need to join us and become a member of this money saving club. It's simple to doJust Click Here

Download your E-Books and E-Audiobooks for Free

You can borrow e-books and e-audiobooks to read or listen to them online immediately on your computer or mobile device using a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer.

To read or listen to your borrowed items offline at any time you need to download them first. You can do that via the app on a tablet, smartphone, e-reader or computer.

Download eBooks and eAudiobooks

Download your Favourite Magazines and Audio Books for Free

You can download and keep your magazines for as long as you need them....but now, there's more! We are delighted to say that you can now access over 230 of the latest audio books from our RB Digital service too! It's all free. You only need to be a Library Member. (If you have never used the service before, just click on register when you visit the site below and pop in your library number and email address.)

 Learn more about RBDigital

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Download Local and Worldwide Newspapers for Free

Enjoy free access to the world’s largest online newspaper service, where you can browse and read thousands of newspapers and magazines. It contains more than 7,000 publications from over 120 countries in over 60 languages and it's free to Library Members. This can be accessed on any device from home or in Libraries.

Access Press Reader

Download, Stream Music for Free


Download and Stream Music

Normally you can stream up to 5 hours of music per day. This has been increased to 24 hours per day until 30th September.

Each week you can make 5 downloads. A song counts as 1 download and a music video counts as 2 downloads. For example, this means that you could download 5 songs or, 2 videos and 1 song.

Your weekly limit is reset every Monday so you can add more music each week.

online databases
Access Online Databases

Access online reference and learning resources including encyclopedias, biographies, dictionaries, driving theory tests and family history.


Access Databases

We love technology and are committed to delivering new hardware and services to all our library members.

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Find out more about our free 3D print service in Banff and Peterhead Libraries.

3D Printing

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