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As a result of the recent announcement by Live Life Aberdeenshire to close facilities our Learn2 Swim programme will also stop until further notice. 

At Live Life Aberdeenshire we value our customers and will make every effort to ensure we provide as smooth a process as possible during this period of closure. The transition to our new management system for our current customers will now be suspended indefinitely with immediate effect. We would like to confirm that every customer currently receiving lessons will be guaranteed a space when facilities reopen. 

For customers in the current term (06th January – 05th April) who wish to continue receiving lessons when we reopen, we will credit the appropriate number of lost lessons to your account to ensure no financial loss.

When facilities are preparing to re-open, we will issue a statement regards a clear process of booking and payment for swimming lessons.

Lessons which have been booked and paid for:

Customers who have already booked and paid for lessons due to begin 20th April this will be used as a future credit and means you don’t have to worry about booking and payment when facilities reopen. Alternatively, you can receive a full refund. This typically takes 2-3 months and is likely to be longer given the current situation.  To do this please contact your local pool.

Lessons which have not been booked and paid for:

Customers who have not booked and paid but would like to retain their space, we will use your credits (as above) to hold a space as per your final assessment letter. You will be able to book and pay for lessons accordingly when we are preparing to reopen.

Lessons paid for by direct debit:

For those who pay by direct debit, your space is already booked and secure, we have suspended payments initially for April and May and you require no further action.

If you have any questions, please contact your local facility direct.

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