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Adults who want to learn Alpine skiing in Aberdeenshire can now take advantage of a new deal to reduce the cost.


Alford Ski Centre, which offers lessons on its dry slope, has introduced a new package after acting on feedback from existing customers.


The Live Life Aberdeenshire "Adult Learn to Ski Membership" costs £40 a month, with a minimum sign up of three months.


Included is a minimum of 37 learn-to-ski sessions per full school year, including beginner and intermediate levels, and individually focussed tuition where required.


The hire of ski equipment is also included, amongst other benefits, such as access to public skiing and tubing sessions and discounts on ski holiday camps.


So now you can learn to ski at a fair price before you head to the snow or buy your own equipment.


The new Adult Learn to Ski Membership costs £40 per month.  Membership includes weekly ski lessons during School term time (minimum 37 lessons), free public skiing and tubing and free equipment hire. 

To enquire further about this membership please contact Alford Ski Centre

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