Across the Grain 2021

Across the Grain 2021

Across the Grain 2021

Across the Grain 2021

Across the Grain 2021
Across the Grain 2021

Fits a' Dee?

This 3-part podcast, presented by young people aged 10-15, embarks on a journey into the past, present and future of Doric and the impact it has had on the daily lives of north east folk, with interviews from 'weel kent' faces, poetry, comedy sketches. This podcast has been facilitated by Ten Feet Tall Theatre.

Listen now: Three episodes

Doric Poetry and Prose

Local Aberdeenshire studies collections are brought to life by these wonderful recitals of traditional Doric poetry and short stories. Complemented by information on the artists that penned these delights, sit back with a fly cup and enjoy.

Listen Now: Doric poetry and prose

Tone, Sound, Shape

Internationally celebrated North East musician Paul Anderson explores the relationship between the materials, construction and tone of some key historical violins of the north east, in this film short premiere commissioned as part of the Banchory Cultural Centre refurbishment.

Watch: Tone, Sound, Shape

A microphone sitting on a desk

Mearns Writers

Sit back and enjoy these poetry podcasts of Doric and short stories from the anthology Grey Granite Red Earth, written and recited by the Mearns Writers. Listen Now: Mearns Writers

Music From Mountain To Sea

One local quine explored the music of Aberdeenshire and what it means to her in this engaging podcast created as part of a Summer programme Event Academy. Listen Now: From Mountain to Sea

A black and white image of the Sanitorium

Nordrach on Dee

In partnership with Aberdeenshire and City Archives, LLA's Libraries Service shared the history of this former sanitorium built in Banchory to treat patients suffering from tuberculosis. Find out more about Nordrach on Dee

Artist Nic Green meeting some of the Arts in Farming team

The Art of Farming

Introduction to artist Nic Green about the journey she is embarking on, working with the farming community of Aberdeenshire for 9 months to explore the complexities of this community: Horizons

The reflection of some people in still water

Scots In The Landscape

Throw an artist, a musician, a scientist and some Primary kids all together and this can happen... a lovely celebration of local landscape and language from the South coast of Aberdeenshire. Watch: Scots in the Landscape

Song for Aberdeenshire

In partnership with Feis Rois, LLA’s Youth Music Initiative programme led on an inspiring project with 14 schools to create a brand-new song for Aberdeenshire, sung by local lass Iona Fyfe. You’ll be humming ‘Fit Like The Day’ all Autumn!

Watch: Fit Like the Day

Online Jigsaws

Online jigsaws featuring festival photos to fankle your grey matter!

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